Experience the Power of the OfficeMax Whiteboard


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The Ultimate Tool to Enhance Productivity, Collaboration, and Creativity

As a busy professional, I’m always looking for tools and systems to boost productivity and keep my team organized and focused. After doing extensive research, I decided to outfit our office with OfficeMax whiteboards. These versatile dry erase boards have become the central hub for collaboration, brainstorming, and efficiency in our workplace. In this blog, I’ll share my experience with OfficeMax whiteboards – their key features, benefits, and how they can transform your office or classroom.

Dimensions to Fit Any Space

One of the first things I looked at when shopping for our office whiteboards was the size options. OfficeMax offers a wide range of dimensions, from small personal boards up to giant 8′ x 4′ boards that fill an entire wall. We went with a couple of their 4′ x 3′ rectangular whiteboards which give us ample writing space for regular team meetings. They also have square boards, so you can really find a OfficeMax whiteboard to fit any office, conference room, or classroom space.

The dimensions are an important factor, because you want a board large enough for group work, but not too obtrusively huge. The 4′ x 3′ size from OfficeMax hits that perfect sweet spot in my opinion. It accommodates several people writing or drawing at once, while still blending into the background when not in use. The wiped clean surface almost fades into the wall, yet transforms into an interactive workspace when needed.

Magnetic and Dry Erase Surface

Once I had the right size, I looked into the board’s writing surface. The glossy porcelain surface of the OfficeMax whiteboards provides a smooth, high quality dry erase experience. Markers glide effortlessly across the board, making writing a pleasure. And the surface resists staining and ghosting, even with heavy use over time.

I also appreciate that the entire board is magnetic. This allows for hanging up charts, photos, or other documents to augment the writing space. The magnetic quality is strong enough to hold up heavyweight paper or small supplies. Fridge-style alphabet magnets are another fun way to decorate or utilize the board.

Color Options to Suit Any Decor

Beyond the standard white, OfficeMax offers whiteboards in a spectrum of colors – black, gray, light blue, light green, and more. We opted for a couple of the graphite gray boards which blend into our office décor while adding some subtle contrast on the walls. The colorful options are great for personalizing a classroom space as well.

The colored boards maintain the same high quality porcelain surface as the white. So you can choose the perfect hue for your environment without sacrificing legibility or dry erase performance. OfficeMax truly has whiteboards for any design scheme or aesthetic.

Glass Boards Add Modern Transparency

In addition to the traditional whiteboard styles, OfficeMax carries glass whiteboards which create a contemporary, transparent effect. We added a smaller glass board outside our conference room as a way to display upcoming meetings or deadlines without blocking the view into the room.

The glass surface incorporates the same excellent dry erase coating as the regular boards. So functionality is not compromised – in fact, pairing glass with a bold marker color makes an eye-catching display! The see-through medium forms an intriguing backdrop and almost appears to float on the wall. Glass boards definitely modernize any space.

Affordable Quality at Various Price Points

One major factor for any business purchase is the budget. OfficeMax whiteboards offer excellent quality at very reasonable prices. Their prices range from around $15 for smaller personal boards up to the $150-200 range for the giant 4′ x 8′ boards. This puts them at a noticeable discount compared to premium brands like Quartet or PolyVision.

We were able to outfit multiple meeting rooms with high performing OfficeMax boards and stay within our office supplies budget. For a board that will get heavy use and needs to last, I feel the OfficeMax whiteboards are a great value. They offer durability, functionality, and style at various affordable price points to meet diverse needs.

Simple Cleaning for Continued Use

With frequent writing comes frequent erasing, so I wanted boards that would be easy to clean. The OfficeMax whiteboards maintain their “like new” condition with just a few simple cleaning steps. I keep a mini eraser in my office to quickly wipe away stray marks as needed. Then I do a thorough cleaning 1-2 times per week.

I spray the board lightly with either a store bought whiteboard cleaner or simply water. Using a microfiber cloth, I wipe down the entire surface in a circular motion. For any ghosting marks, I go back over them with a dry microfiber cloth or even a coffee filter, which helps absorb residue. This quick cleaning routine keeps the OfficeMax boards looking freshly erased every time.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing the whiteboards around the office was a breeze thanks to the lightweight boards and included mounting hardware. OfficeMax boards come with two aluminum corner brackets which attach to the back of the board with provided screws.

Then you simply secure the brackets to the wall with screws suited to your wall material (drywall, brick, etc). No need to find specialty mounting equipment – the boards came ready to hang right out of the box. I had both boards installed in less than 30 minutes total, with no heavy lifting or headaches.

Suitable for Any Wall or Workspace

A concern when installing whiteboards is making sure your wall or workspace can handle it. OfficeMax boards can be mounted on any smooth, flat wall surface. They aren’t heavy or cumbersome, so almost any standard office or classroom wall works. I had no issues installing them on our drywall office walls using the included hardware.

The key is making sure you have properly anchored the mounting screws into studs or used drywall anchors strong enough for the weight. As far as workspace, the boards are slim and don’t take up much room when wall-mounted. They conveniently tuck out of the way when not being written on. Just check you have about 1 foot of clearance in front of the board for someone to stand and write comfortably.

How Do They Compare to Other Brands?

As part of my research process, I compared OfficeMax boards to similar products from Staples, Lowe’s, Costco, and Quartet. The OfficeMax boards consistently came out ahead in terms of value and performance. Dollar for dollar, you get better quality and more features than the basic boards carried at general retailers like Staples or Costco.

The only brand that truly competed on quality was Quartet. However, comparable Quartet boards cost $75-100+ more than the OfficeMax option. While Quartet is great, I ultimately felt the OfficeMax boards offered the ideal balance of quality and affordability for outfitting multiple spaces. The porcelain surface, magnetic backing, variety of sizes, and colors make them just as robust and functional as more expensive alternatives.

Complete Your Whiteboard Kit

The boards themselves are just the beginning – I also stocked up on whiteboard accessories to complete the package. OfficeMax carries a wide selection of compatible accessories – dry erase markers, erasers, cleaning supplies, organizer trays, and more. Quality markers like Expo or Quartet glide smoothly across the board surface.

My favorite accessory purchase is the mini desktop whiteboard eraser. It makes quick erasing so much easier! I also suggest a whiteboard ruler and multi-colored marker packs for color coding. Visit the accessories section or front end-caps at your local OfficeMax and you’re sure to find everything you need to outfit your new board.

Warranty and Customer Service

Making a sizable purchase for my business, I wanted to ensure it came backed with a warranty. OfficeMax provides a limited lifetime warranty on its whiteboards that covers manufacturer defects. This gave me confidence I was buying a durable product that would deliver long-term.

If any issues arise, OfficeMax has a responsive customer service team ready to help. I’m lucky to not have needed repairs, but I’ve had seamless experiences purchasing over the phone and checking stock in stores. Don’t hesitate to reach out to their helpful team with any warranty needs or questions.

In-Stock and Online Ordering

The buying process was quick and easy at my local OfficeMax. They had a full whiteboard display with various sizes and colors in stock ready to purchase. For anyone not near a physical store, OfficeMax whiteboards are also available online for home delivery or in-store pickup where available.

Browse the options on their website, place an online order, and you can have your board delivered right to your door. Or search boards at your nearest OfficeMax for in-store inventory and pricing. Between online and in-person purchasing, grabbing a OfficeMax whiteboard could not be more convenient.

Reviews Confirm Excellent Quality

Before making my purchase, I scoured whiteboard reviews on OfficeMax, Amazon, and retail sites. The OfficeMax boards consistently received 4-5 star ratings for quality and value. Customers back up the durability, citing years of flawless performance even with frequent use. Many note the porcelain surface remains stain and ghost-free with simple cleaning.

Positive reviews also highlight the strong magnetism that keeps items securely adhered to the board, as well as the inclusion of mounting hardware for easy DIY installation. Customers agree OfficeMax boards deliver impressive quality at an affordable price point. Reading the glowing reviews gave me confidence I was making a smart purchase.

Transform Classrooms and Offices Alike

It’s no surprise that whiteboards are a classroom staple these days. OfficeMax boards are perfectly suited for education settings, whether that’s K-12 classrooms or college lecture halls. Their low-glare finish is easy on the eyes, and the variety of sizes accommodates both individual student and group work.

Beyond academia, OfficeMax boards are the ideal modern office upgrade. They facilitate training, presentations, collaboration, and any situation where quick visibility and sharing is key. OfficeMax truly has whiteboards suitable for almost any environment – making them both versatile and great value.

Expert Technical Support

After getting my boards up and running, I luckily didn’t need to contact OfficeMax technical support. But their website highlights the comprehensive technical assistance they provide for any issues. For troubleshooting surface stains, mounting problems, or general questions, their team is ready to help.

Their site also contains helpful FAQs, instructional videos, specs, warranty info, and manuals. Should any technical trouble arise with your new whiteboard, OfficeMax has all the resources to get it fixed or replaced. Their backing gives me confidence in the product.

Return or Exchange with Ease

All OfficeMax purchases come backed with a straightforward return and exchange policy. Whiteboards can be returned or exchanged within 30 days as long as they are unused with original packaging and contents. For defective boards, they can be returned at any time to be repaired, replaced, or refunded.

Returns are accepted by mail or at any location for full refund or direct swap. It’s reassuring to know that OfficeMax stands behind their products if anything isn’t up to par or if you simply change your mind. The friendly service team makes returns quick and hassle-free.

Bulk Orders for Schools and Businesses

Outfitting an entire school or office with whiteboards calls for a bulk order. Luckily OfficeMax accommodates large whiteboard orders for big projects. There are even special rates for educational institutions buying in bulk. Quantity discounts like 20% off 10 or more identical boards can add up to major savings.

Bulk orders can be placed online or over the phone, and boards ship free once order value exceeds $50. Let their customer service team know about big plans and they can guide you through the bulk process. Whether you need whiteboards for one room or an entire building, OfficeMax has business and classroom customers covered.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Recycling

In today’s world sustainability is key, so I looked into the eco-impact of OfficeMax whiteboards. The boards themselves are manufactured with recycled content and ship in recycled packaging. Chalkboards were prone to dust and need frequent re-coating, whereas whiteboards are reusable for decades with just simple cleaning.

When a board does eventually wear out or need replacement, OfficeMax offers recycling of old boards. This keeps tough-to-recycle porcelain material out of landfills. OfficeMax aims to minimize waste and energy use in production and distribution as well. It’s good to know the boards aren’t just user-friendly, but planet-friendly as well!

Manufacturer Background and Branding

For some background, OfficeMax falls under the Office Depot brand umbrella. So OfficeMax whiteboards are made by the same manufacturer as Office Depot boards, utilizing the same materials and processes. The two brands essentially offer identical whiteboard products, just with separate in-store displays and online listings.

I find both brands provide quality options. The main difference is OfficeMax seems more education focused, with accessories tailored to classroom settings. Office Depot may have a more professional or industrial leaning. But when it comes to the boards themselves, shoppers can expect stellar products whether purchasing under OfficeMax or Office Depot.

Customization Available for Unique Projects

Beyond their standard whiteboard sizes and materials, OfficeMax also accommodates custom orders for businesses or classrooms needing something unique. For special dimensions, shapes, materials like glass or colored steel frames, their design team can craft one-of-a-kind boards.

These customized boards cost more than the standard sizes but make a major design impact. My company doesn’t need anything too fancy, but it’s nice to know OfficeMax can deliver truly custom boards for that wow factor in conference rooms or collaborative spaces. Get in touch with their team to bring your unique whiteboard vision to life!

Use Any Brand of Markers and Cleaners

While OfficeMax sells their own accessories, the boards themselves are compatible with any brand of markers, erasers, and cleaners. I tested various dry erase markers I had around the office and they all wiped off cleanly. As far as cleaning, I’ve safely used OfficeMax spray, simple diluted vinegar, and window cleaner with equal success.

The surface resists staining from all the major brands. So don’t feel tied to OfficeMax accessories unless you simply prefer their quality and performance. It’s good to know I can easily source replacement supplies from any big box or office supply retailer when needed. The boards aren’t fussy or brand-restricted.

Locate a Store Near You

OfficeMax makes in-store shopping for whiteboards quick and easy. They have over 950 locations across the United States where you can check out boards first-hand. Their online store locator makes it simple to find the nearest location.

Once you enter a zip code, it highlights the closest OfficeMax stores on a map, along with the phone number and address. You can then call ahead to check stock availability before visiting. For such an affordable product, it’s nice having the instant gratification of in-store pickup rather than waiting on shipping. The wide store network is a major perk.

Special Offers for Teachers and Students

As a supporter of education, OfficeMax extends special savings to teachers, faculty, and students. Teachers can sign up for a free School Care Kit packed with classroom essentials. Educators also receive 25% off qualifying purchases year-round, both in-store and online.

For parents and students, OfficeMax runs back-to-school sales each summer with major discounts on supplies. Be sure to ask about educator savings or look for posted back-to-school deals. OfficeMax makes whiteboards attainable for classrooms and individuals through their education partnerships.

Experience the Power of OfficeMax Whiteboards

After closely evaluating myriad options, I can confidently say OfficeMax delivers the ideal whiteboard solution for businesses, schools, and home use. Their balance of quality and value is unmatched. The inclusion of mounting hardware ensures no hassle installing these lightweight boards anywhere.

Vibrant colors and sleek glass designs inject style into any space. Sizes range from personal memo boards up to expansive collaborative walls. And the durable porcelain surface withstands daily writing while maintaining erase-ability. When an affordable whiteboard is also high performing, the choice is clear – you can’t go wrong with OfficeMax!

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