Choosing the Best Durable Plastic Protractor Set for Your Classroom


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Geometry and math classes rely heavily on the classic protractor for measuring angles and constructing geometric shapes. As a teacher, having a set of durable plastic protractors for your classroom is a must-have. But with so many options on the market, how do you determine which protractor set will best meet your needs?

This article will explore the top five durable plastic protractor sets available and provide key information on how to choose the right set for your classroom and budget. We’ll also answer some common questions educators have about selecting protractors for their math curriculum.

Top Durable Plastic Protractor Sets for the Classroom

Protractors come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. For a classroom setting, you’ll want to select protractors that are built to last through years of daily student handling. Look for ones made of durable plastics like acrylic or polycarbonate that won’t easily bend or break. Here are five great options to consider:

1. Amtek Plastic Protractor Set

  • 12 protractors per pack
  • Made of clear, durable plastic
  • Graduated in 1-degree increments
  • 6-inch size is ideal for student desktops
  • Holes at the center for attaching a string
  • Comes with a classroom teaching guide

The Amtek protractor set is a top choice for school classrooms. They’re affordably priced for bulk orders of multiple packs. The clear plastic material won’t crack or fade over time. Students can easily see the engraved angle measurements. And the handy teaching guide gives you lesson ideas.

2. School Smart Double-Sided Protractor

  • 12 protractors with ruler on reverse side
  • Made of durable, transparent plastic
  • Graduated in 1-degree increments
  • Pack includes lesson plans and activities
  • Central hole for attaching string or pencil

Having a 12-pack of double-sided protractors gives students a ruler for measuring on the reverse side. And the lesson plans included help teachers incorporate their use into engaging math activities. The tough plastic stands up well to daily student handling.

3. Orion Acrylic Protractor Set

  • 12 protractors made of shatter-resistant acrylic
  • Graduated in easy-to-read 2-degree increments
  • Holes in the center and at the baseline
  • Comes with a classroom teaching poster

The Orion protractor set is made of durable, 3mm thick acrylic. This shatter-resistant material prevents breakage when dropped. The holes allow students to attach a pencil or string to practice circle drawing. And the teaching poster gives you ideas for your next geometry lesson.

4. Talented Premium Protractor Set

  • 12 protractors with eraser and pencil sharpener
  • Made of durable, transparent plastic
  • Graduated in precise 1-degree increments
  • Comes in a protective reusable case

Having little extras like an eraser and pencil sharpener right on the protractors can be handy for students. And the protective case keeps the set neatly organized in storage or for transporting them. The tough plastic stands up well to daily classroom use.

5. Maped Helix Ultra-Strong Protractor

  • 12 protractors made of indestructible polycarbonate
  • Graduated in easy-to-read 2-degree increments
  • Features ruler markings along the edges
  • Designed with an unbreakable steel core
  • 10-year performance guarantee

If you’re looking for protractors that can withstand serious classroom use, the Maped Helix line is ultra-strong. Made of polycarbonate over a steel core, they’re practically indestructible. A 10-year performance guarantee means you can confidently buy this set for long-term use.

Key Buying Considerations for Classroom Protractor Sets

Once you’ve explored some top-rated protractor sets, there are a few key factors to keep in mind as you choose the right ones for your classroom:


Look for protractors constructed from shatterproof, high-quality plastics that won’t crack or break easily. Acrylic and polycarbonate protractors will have the longevity needed for classroom use. Try to avoid protractors made from lower grade or bendable plastics.


The protractor measurements should be precise and easy for students to read. Look for protractors with increments in 1 or 2 degrees. Avoid any with blurry markings students will struggle to decipher.


Consider how the protractor will be used by students. Central holes allow attaching a pencil or string for circle drawing. Baseline holes make it easy to measure angles. Grooved edges can help position pencils accurately. Add-ons like erasers, sharpener and cases can be useful extras.


For classroom packs, a 12-pack of protractors is standard. But consider ordering multiple sets so each student can have their own, or extras to replace any that become damaged or lost. Protractors are small and easily misplaced.


Getting a bulk classroom pack of quality plastic protractors represents a great value. Look for durable sets that will provide years of use for under $25. Sets with bonus items like teaching guides, posters or cases offer more for your money.

Brand Reputation

Stick with protractor brands known for making durable classroom supplies like Amtek, School Smart, Orion, and Maped. Read product reviews to help determine quality and longevity.

Answering Common Classroom Protractor Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions teachers have about selecting the right protractor sets for their class along with the answers:

How many protractors should come in a set?

For a full classroom, a pack of 12 is standard. This allows each student their own, plus a few extras to replace any that get damaged or lost. Order multiple sets as needed to ensure each student gets their own protractor.

What materials stand up best?

Look for durable plastics like acrylic or polycarbonate. They resist breaking if accidentally dropped. Avoid lower grade plastics or bendable materials.

Should protractors have other markings?

Protractors with an embedded ruler or other measurement markings can provide added functionality. But the extra markings can make the protractor crowded and difficult to read. Consider if combined tools are really needed.

Should each student have their own protractor?

It’s ideal for students to each have their own protractor for classwork and homework. But not required. Protractors can also easily be shared if you have enough for demonstrations and group work.

How can you extend the life of a protractor set?

Store protractors in a case when not in use. Have a defined storage spot in the classroom. Remind students to handle carefully. Inspect for damage regularly and replace broken ones.

Should protractors be stored in a case?

A case is ideal for keeping the set neatly organized and preventing loss. But not required if you have another storage system. Some protractors come packaged in reusable cases. Or you can purchase a universal case.

Make the Right Choice for Your Classroom

Buying a set of protractors for your math or science classroom is an important investment. Be sure to choose a durable plastic set that will maintain accuracy and legibility through years of repeated student handling. Look for sets that offer added value like teaching guides, storage cases or bonus classroom tools.

It’s worth taking the time to carefully consider which protractor set is right for your curriculum, teaching needs, classroom space and budget. Having high-quality protractors that your students can rely on will assist in delivering many lessons on angles, shapes, and geometry. The top sets reviewed above are all great options guaranteed to serve your classroom well.

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