Ballard’s OfficeMax: A Local Guide to Deals and Discounts


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Let’s dive right in! Ballard’s OfficeMax is not your run-of-the-mill stationery store. With a bit of planning and strategic shopping, you can score some remarkable deals and discounts, stretching your dollar further than you thought possible. Not only can you find your usual office supplies, but also a wide range of tech gadgets, furniture, and even school supplies. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on this savings spree.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of the weekly ad, the rewards program, seasonal sales, and more. Each of these can offer considerable savings opportunities. We’ve even got some insider tips up our sleeve to help you find the best deals. So, buckle up, grab your shopping list, and get ready for a deep dive into the world of savings at Ballard’s OfficeMax!

It’s time to change the way you look at your shopping trips to OfficeMax. It’s not a chore, it’s a treasure hunt. There are deals hiding in plain sight all around the store. With our help, you’ll be spotting them like a seasoned pro in no time.

Understanding the Weekly Ad

The Weekly Ad is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any smart shopper. Every week, OfficeMax releases a new ad showcasing the hottest deals across various categories. These deals are usually on a first-come, first-served basis and last for a week, or until supplies last. So, the early bird catches the worm – or in this case, the discounted printer ink.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the layout of the weekly ad. You’ll find it split into sections based on product categories, such as tech gadgets, office supplies, and furniture. This makes it easy to find deals on the items you need. Take note of the ‘valid until’ date to ensure you don’t miss out.

Now, you might be thinking, “I’ve checked the weekly ad before, and there wasn’t anything I needed.” That’s where a bit of strategy comes in. The key is to plan ahead. Need a new office chair soon? Check the weekly ad for a few weeks. Chances are, you’ll spot a good deal. Remember, it’s not about buying things because they’re on sale, it’s about finding sales for things you were going to buy anyway.

Making the Most of the Rewards Program

The OfficeMax Rewards Program is like a cherry on top of your shopping experience. It’s free to join, and you earn points on every purchase. The more you shop, the more you earn, and these points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. It’s like getting paid to shop – talk about a win-win!

In the basic tier of the program, you earn 2% back in rewards on all purchases. You also get access to member-only deals and sales. But the rewards don’t stop there. If you spend $500 within a 12-month period, you are upgraded to the VIP tier. This comes with 5% back in rewards, free shipping on online orders, and an extended return policy. Sounds pretty VIP to us!

It’s also worth noting that they often run special promotions where you can earn bonus points on certain purchases. Look out for these bonus points events, because they can help you rack up rewards quickly. Just imagine all the free staplers you could get!

Seasonal Sales and Discounts

Next on our list are the seasonal sales. Like the changing leaves in the fall or the first snowfall in winter, these sales are a beloved and anticipated event. Major holidays, end-of-season clearances, and even random ‘just because’ sales provide ample opportunities for big savings.

Holiday sales typically occur around major holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Black Friday. These sales often offer store-wide discounts, so it’s a good time to stock up on office supplies or snag that tech gadget you’ve been eyeing.

Don’t forget about end-of-season sales either. OfficeMax often marks down items to make room for new inventory. For instance, you might find discounted patio furniture in the fall or clearance air conditioners in the winter. You just need to be willing to plan ahead and store it until the next season rolls around. Just consider it a surprise present for your future self!

Discounts on Tech Gadgets

Who doesn’t love a good gadget? And getting it at a discount just makes it all the sweeter. Ballard’s OfficeMax offers a variety of tech gadgets – from the latest laptops to ergonomic keyboards. And with the right timing, you can snag these at a bargain.

One way to score a tech deal at OfficeMax is by browsing the refurbished section. Here, you’ll find tech items that have been returned, restored to perfect working condition, and then offered at a discounted price. These items undergo rigorous testing, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.

Keep an eye out for bundle deals as well. Sometimes, OfficeMax will offer a discount if you buy a set of items together, such as a laptop with a matching laptop case and a wireless mouse. This can be a great way to get a complete set-up at a discounted price. Just make sure you actually need all the items in the bundle – or have a friend you can gift the extras to!

Savings on Office Furniture

Whether you’re furnishing a new office or just looking to update your workspace, the Office Furniture section at Ballard’s OfficeMax is a must-visit. From sleek office chairs to spacious desks and functional storage solutions, you can find all you need to create an efficient work environment.

Sales on furniture tend to be cyclical, typically occurring during transitions between major seasons. You might find office chairs and desks at a discount during the back-to-school season, while filing cabinets and bookcases could be discounted at the end of the fiscal year.

Don’t forget to check out the clearance section. Here, you’ll find furniture that’s being phased out, often at a significant discount. Sure, the designs might not be the latest and greatest, but if you’re more concerned with function than fashion, the clearance section can be a gold mine.

Back to School Offers

Back to school time is like Christmas for deal hunters. Whether you’re a student, a parent of a student, or a savvy shopper who knows a good deal when they see one, Ballard’s OfficeMax is your go-to destination during this season.

Expect to find discounts on essential school supplies like notebooks, pencils, and binders. You can often find bundle deals as well, like a set of notebooks or a combo pack of pens and markers. Just remember to bring your school supply list so you don’t get carried away and buy all the colorful pens.

Tech items often see a discount during the back-to-school season as well. This is a great time to invest in a new laptop or tablet for the upcoming school year. Remember to check if the item you’re eyeing is included in the store’s weekly ad or rewards program for additional savings.

Conclusion and Tips

Well, there you have it – your guide to finding the best deals and discounts at Ballard’s OfficeMax. We’ve covered the weekly ad, rewards program, seasonal sales, tech gadget discounts, office furniture savings, and back-to-school offers. Remember, the key is to plan ahead, be patient, and keep an eye out for those special sales.

Here are a few final tips to keep in mind:

  • Sign up for the OfficeMax email newsletter. It’s an easy way to stay informed about upcoming sales and special promotions.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The staff at Ballard’s OfficeMax are knowledgeable and can often provide insight into upcoming sales or deals.
  • Finally, remember to have fun! Sure, shopping is serious business, but it’s also an adventure. With every discounted stapler and clearance printer, you’re conquering the retail world one great deal at a time!

Now, go forth and find those deals!

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